Lactate PK by Dr Laura Castle

Welcome back to our third and final PK presentation from the recent ACEM Winter Symposium in Broome.

Dr Laura Castle is a JMO in the Broome ED and I gave her the challenge of covering everything to do with “lactate” in 6mins and 40 secs.  Now there is a lot of physiology, controversy and practicality involved.  So it was a big ask….  and I reckon she nailed it.  Sadly Dr Laura is leaving us soon to go off into the desert in order to further her career.

Now if you are an ICU consultant and looking for a smart, friendly and motivated young registrar for next year – then you need to hire her, I would!

Great job.  So sit back and enjoy.             DIRECT DOWNLOAD

For reference the paper cited by Dr Castle in this PK by Marik, is actually by Dr Paul Marik and Dr Rinaldo Bellomo.  Dr Bellomo is an Aussie Intensivist and the paper is here for reference.

For a more extensive discussion on the role of lactate in the sepsis patient – please check out my recent podcast with Dr Seth Trueger and Dr Weingarts’s response to the Marik / Bellomo paper


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