Hannah’s Story: from DFTB18

This is a podcast episode that is very different from the usual.

At the Don’t Forget the Bubble Conference in Melbourne a few months ago there was an evening of storytelling.  This was an amazing night.  We were treated to inspiring and fascinating yarns from some very special people.  I was lucky enough to be invited to tell a story by Mary Freer.

The brief was simple – a personal story, 5 minutes, from the heart with no slides or support.  The theme was: Kindness, Justice and Hope.

I decided to tell the story of my sister, Hannah.

I hope you can learn something from this story.  I have debated a lot with myself about sharing it.  However, the feedback I have received makes me believe that it is a story worth sharing.



  1. soph plowman says

    Thank you for sharing Casey and Hannah.

  2. Some story-beautifully told and we listeners would have been heartbroken if it hadn’t had a happy ending.
    I am in the funeral attending, obituary writing, eulogy giving stage of life. I am usually ashamed at how little I knew about the recently deceased. And that little is usually more than just about anyone else present.
    So I try to avoid small talk and ask people to tell me something about themselves. And when I am asked to run a quiz on the last night of my bicycle club rides I ask questions about the participants. Generally works, even for people who preface some of their life story with,”You trying to psychoanalyse me or something?” It is far more interesting than my common experience of being buttonholed by non-patients who wish to add to my medical education by telling me about their latest operation or rare disorder-and who are amazed that I have heard of it.
    Anyway, Col Hakavod!

  3. Wow Casey I am sitting here crying. Such a beautiful, real loving story of your and Hannah’s relationship. The overriding theme is hope and forgiveness. I used to know you a million years ago when we all lived on Kangaroo Island, and our mums were close. It was wonderful to hear your voice unafraid to break through and kudos to you all for Hannah’s ultimate triumph in coming into her own.

  4. Beautiful story, Casey and Hannah. You’re spot on – it’s easier to see the “user” before the person and their story.

    Kindness and understanding is free to give away but can be priceless when received.

    I’d say Hannah is incredibly lucky to have the family that she does.

    • You are exactly right. I’m very lucky. I’d like to believe we all have the ability to choose kindness and to never give into the disease of addiction. Easier said than done though.

  5. Neil Raymond McCarthy says

    ” look for the story and there you will find the hope ”
    Casey Parker

    ” patients can save doctors ”
    Tom del Banco

  6. Kerry Levin says

    Wow wow wow … Case what a beautifully told story… and what a fierce woman your sis sounds to be !!! Solidifies for me the knowledge that a strong supportive family can get you through almost anything …. and Casey…. my absolute biggest pearler I am taking from your story is… “Kindness is never wasted … sometimes though it’s a slow investment !!! “” … profound !! Going to make that my mantra !!!! 😉…. my kids already aspire to #lifegoals be parents like Zivana & Casey .. now they really gonna think you the coolest !! 💛💛💛💛

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