About Dr Casey Parker

Hi, I am Dr Casey Parker – author of the Broome Docs blog.

I am a GP working in Broome, NW of Western Australia.  I work as a hospital DMO (District Med Officer) doing Emergency, Anaesthestics, some Obstetrics and a lot of miscellaneous primary care.

I am also employed as a clinical teacher for the Rural Clinical School of UWA / Notre Dame.  I have been teaching Paediatrics to Med Students for the past 7 years.

I consider myself to be a generalist – I work in a place where there are no departments and we have to be able to manage all comers.  This creates the problem of being a “jack of all trades and master of none”.  The motivation behind this site is to try and keep myself (and maybe you) up to date with best clinical practice in the remote and rural parts of the country.  I do not see why our patients should receive inferior medical care as a function of geography… at least my knowledge and training should not be the cause of inferior care.

I hope to update this blog as often as I can to keep my own neurons firing and keep my student’s busy!

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  1. Jono Morling says

    great blog Casey
    – Jono, Derby Docs

  2. allan walley says

    Wow , great site, love the relaxed everyday approach.

    After 32 years in rural practice have a few pearlers would like to share sometime.



    • Allan – Blast from the past- was Doc on Cocos when you were on Christmas now dong occasional locums in Kimberley – great blog Casey
      Gary Fisher

  3. Great blog! I’m Broome bound in 2012 as a GP registrar so very relevant info for me. Do you tweet? Would be great to follow and see when you’ve posted a new pearler! Cheers

  4. Adam Hall says

    Hi Casey! Its Adam from the old Perth days! Just caught up with Steven Ford and Nat in NYC last night and Steven told me about your blog. Looks amazing! Enjoy Broome and hope to cross paths somewhere, sometime!



  5. Hi Casey – you’ve come a long way – love your blog and will be able to use some of it with my yr 12 students (I’m still at it…).
    PS: I don’t think you need to keep my notes any more!

  6. Erick Galindo says

    Hey Casey,

    Just read case 118 and thought was very interesting.
    I’m a paediatrician from Guadalajada, Mexico, so greetings!
    I’ll be your Twitter follower, thanks

  7. Hi Casey
    just discovered your blog, by learning for my EDIC from LITFL. Great stuff in here

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