Code of Conduct

Here at Broome Docs – we love comments, the more the merrier.  Please feel free to make any comments that you like, however, be aware that all comments are moderated and published by the authors.

As a guideline:

  • Keep the comments clinical – try and avoid discussion of local politics etc
  • Do not make any offensive, derrogatory or defamatory comments – these will not be published
  • If you have a comment that you would like to make, but are not sure as to it’s “appropraiteness” – go ahead and send it in, with a note asking for editorial review – and I will check it and let you know.
  • Please advise me by email if you feel any of comments posted are not kosher to you –  I try to keep all the readers happy!

The Authors reserve the right to edit any comments made (with appropriate notation) prior to their publication.  As a rule we will contact the commentor and advise of the changes we wish to make before publishing.

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