The opinions and material presented on this site are purely those of the author, they do not represent in any way the policy or position of the authors employers – WA Country Health Service, University of Western Australia or the University of Notre Dame.  Although this site may be promoted by other agencies (eg. RACGP) the information does not reflect the beliefs or policy of these agencies.

The material here is designed to be a discussion of clinical cases and evidence which the reader must interpret and utilise in the scope of their own practice using their own discretion.  The opinions do not constitute clincal advice in any specific patient care scenario.

Confidentiality:  clinical cases presented on this site are fictional, some have been based upon actual clinical cases and the details have been heavily edited and modified to protect the privacy of the people involved.  Where possible specific consent has been granted by patients to allow the use of de-identified clinical data on the site.

The author does not receive any monetary or other incentive to proffer the material presented.  The author has no affiliations with any pharmaceutical or other private concern.

If you read any material that you feel is incorrect or untrue the author encourages you to contact him and will endeavour to correct this as soon as possible.

Dr Casey Parker

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