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Medical education blog for rural GP

First10EM Journal Club: August 2019

Hello! We are back.  After nearly 2 months of hiking, cruising, paddling and driving all over North America I have just returned to sunny Broome and managed to do some actual work.  Apologies for the downtime and I hope you enjoyed the collaboration projects. Justin Morgenstern has sent me another batch of papers which we […]


Stump the Chump with RVTS

My latest collaboration podcast whilst away on leave was a recorded “Stump the Chump” case discussion with the RVTS Grand Rounds. The RVTS is the Remote Vocational Training Scheme I it is a vocational training program for medical practitioners in remote and isolated communities throughout rural and remote Australia.  The purpose of the program is […]


On the Pomegranate Podcast

This month I am away from Broome on some long service leave. So I am going to share a few collaborations that I have been involved in recently. First up is this podcast with Mic Cavazzini from the Australian College of Physicians. The Pomegranate Podcast invited our local team of Kimberley physicians on to discuss […]


PODCAST: Vancomycin by Continuous Infusion

A few weeks ago I posted on Vancomycin and the Nephrocidal Maniacs – in that post I described the problems that we have in the Kimberley with MRSA, renal disease and sepsis.  We walk a fine line between toxicity and efficacy when we treat our patients with severe, limb-threatening infections. I have learned a lot […]


Perioperative Palliative Care by Dr Ramachenderan

This is a quick shout out to my good friend, fellow GP Anaesthetist and all round nice chap – Dr Johnathon Ramechederan. He has co-authored this great article in the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management with fellow Albany doctor Kirsten Auret.  It is about how we treat patients with surgical needs towards the end […]