First10EM LIVE podcast: October 2023

This is a very special episode of the Broome Docs Podcast Journal Club with Dr Justin Morgenstern.

Justin was invited to visit us in Western Australia as a guest lecturer for the W.G. Smith lecture series. So we decided to invite along a few of our favourite FOAMed friends to be a part of the festival of nerdiness and record a live version in front of the local crew. We were joined by:

Dr James Rippey (@theSonoCave) ,

Dr Michelle Johnson (@eleytherius),

Dr Tom Cassidy (@tgpcassidy ) and

Dr Alexandra Rowell (Intensivist & liver fan girl).

As always – the free PDFs are linked to the titles, and you can download the audio via podcast apps or stream from the link below.

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Bottom line: Although Tabsco probably won’t save you from a painful death at the hands of V Vulnificus it does seem to have inherent antibacterial properties, so maybe we could use it to clean our ultrasound probes?

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