Headache headaches! A podcast from the PHARM

Hi all

I got involved in a twitter debate about the work up of headaches in ED, why is it that GP “miss” serious intracranial pathology from time to time and what is the current ‘best practice’ when it comes to the acute headache.

There have been some really big, game-changing papers out in the last few years which might change the way you approach the headache in ED or in GP.

Minh le Cong over at the PHARM podcast recorded this PODCAST with Dr Seth Trueger (@MDaware) and myself last week.

I was hoping to go in to bat for the much maligned GPs who are working with a much bigger haystack when it comes to finding needles.  Now let me know – what is your threshold, what features on history or exam will make you jump for the CT or referral papers?

There is not any recognised decision algorithm that I am aware of – so lets hear yours.




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