Sexual Healing

Each year we take on a small band of Med students who do their whole (penultimate) year in Broome.  They get to learn a lot and also contribute to the community.

I was cleaning out the hard drive and came across this old video we made a few years back.  Taken out of context it might seem completely weird – but it still makes me giggle – so I though I would share.

The guys and I made this clip for the hospital Xmas party – it is a look back at their “year that was”.

Here in Broome we have astonishingly high rates of STIs – gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis (yes! we see this still).  Your chances of catching one of these is about 1000 times higher than it is in the city / rest of Australia.  So our students tend to get all the fun of diagnosing, treating and chasing down these patients.  Hence the title – Sexual Healing.

WARNING: there are some seriously tasteless and adult themes in this video.  You might even see your new resident if you are in WA.




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