Sepsis Kimberley style: Dr Laura Smith

This is the first of a 3 vodcast series on “Sepsis – Kimberley style”

In June 2013 Broome hosted the ACEM Winter symposium which was really cool – and they asked me to present something about ED Education in Broome as part of the program that included some really seriously great speakers.

So instead of stand up and deliver another really dull lecture on medical education (Zzzzz..) I decided that we would do a demonstration of some of the teaching techniques we employ in Broome.  We invited the audience to join our “classroom” and participate in some fun and meducational games.

The session was based around a case – one that illustrated some of the ways managing severe illness (e.g.. Sepsis) is done in a smaller hospital with limited resources.  It also had to show how things are different in the Kimberley and illustrate some aspects of cross-cultural healthcare.

This got me out of doing much work….  and they did a sterling job.  I have never been more proud to be a teacher than when these guys took to the stage of ACEM and really put on a dynamic , entertaining and polished show.  The audience enjoyed it and the feedback I have had has been really great.  So big back slaps all around team Broome (…NHS)

The presentation was not recorded – however I have asked the team to record a vodcast of their talks so the you – the FOAM community can see it and share.

First up is Dr Laura Smith [protege of Prof. Carley] – the best JMO out of Yorkshire since Boycott was batting.  Laura covers the initial management of sepsis – source identification, investigation and antimicrobial selection strategies.

Coming soon – the rest of the crew cover fluid resuscitation strategy and the role of lactate in Sepsis.

We also had a debate on the ethical questions that arose from the case – fair to say I had my backside kicked by JMO Dr Pete Richardson –  luckily it wasn’t recorded!

So have a listen and enjoy – and if Dr Smith ever applies to your firm for a position – hire her, quick!


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