Letter to my Registrars: On statins and stuff

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Last week in Australia – a 2 part documentary on the Catalyst program (ABC1) raised a lot of questions about the use of statins for the management of low-risk patient’s cholesterol levels.  This letter is addressed to my trainees.   Dear Registrars, By now you have probably had a few patients come through your door […]


Lessons Hard Learned: Dr Andy Neill

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The latest episode of Lessons Hard Learned features yet another Irish FOAMed man. Dr Andy Neill is an ED trainee who has been running the Emergency Medicine Ireland blog, vodcast, the awesome “Anatomy for ED” and the “Tasty Morsels series” over the past few years – in fact andy and I started out in the […]


Lessons Hard Learned: Irish Lessons in Cairns

Irish Calm

THis is the latest instalment in the “Lessons Hard Learned” series. Recently I caught up with the SMACC crew at the Bedside critical Care conference in Cairns – FNQ.  I took the opportunity to trap a couple of unsuspecting Irishmen into an impromptu podcast by the poolside. Awesome conference and great vibe – mini-SMACC really. […]


Overdiagnosis in Medicine: Dr Justin Coleman


Today’s podcast features Australian GP, writer and thinker Dr Justin Coleman. Justin is a GP currently working in Brisbane in Aboriginal Health at Inala Indigenous Health Service. Justin is also a prolific writer – he has been producing great medical writing for about 20 years.  He is the president of the Australian Medical Writer’s Association, […]


My favourite SMACC 2013 talk

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The SAMCC conference was a really great event – so many wonderful talks and chances to chat with super-enthusiastic educators from all over the world. There were plenty of clinical lectures which were practice changing and I am often asked which were the best – too hard to answer – sorry.  Listen to the podcast […]