Phacking Nerds Podcast with GP Sceptics

I was lucky enough to be invited onto the shiny, new and sensible GP Skeptics podcast last week.

This is a relatively new project for a relatively old GP ;-).  Justin has been on the podcast before, he is the sort of GP I would like to be when I grow up… one day.

Dr Justin Coleman and Dr Liz Sturgess are the odd couple of the GP Sceptics podcast – they cover a range of topics important to the everyday GP and the wider medical audience as well.

I was asked to pop on to their team to create a trio of nerds and discuss the modern dilemmas for Evidence Based Medicine (EBM).  We cover p-values, publication biases, p-hacking and the value of asking the right questions.

Have a listen to the latest episode and check out the back catalogue [I like their old stuff better tan the new stuff…]



Let Justin and Liz know what you think and follow them on iTunes for more stylised nerdy goodness!



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