Phacking Nerds Podcast with GP Sceptics

I was lucky enough to be invited onto the shiny, new and sensible GP Skeptics podcast last week.

This is a relatively new project for a relatively old GP ;-).  Justin has been on the podcast before, he is the sort of GP I would like to be when I grow up… one day.

Dr Justin Coleman and Dr Liz Sturgess are the odd couple of the GP Sceptics podcast – they cover a range of topics important to the everyday GP and the wider medical audience as well.

I was asked to pop on to their team to create a trio of nerds and discuss the modern dilemmas for Evidence Based Medicine (EBM).  We cover p-values, publication biases, p-hacking and the value of asking the right questions.

Have a listen to the latest episode and check out the back catalogue [I like their old stuff better tan the new stuff…]



Let Justin and Liz know what you think and follow them on iTunes for more stylised nerdy goodness!




  1. Ayelet Oren Shamir says

    I think it is about time we reverse the order so it would make sense to clinicians and maybe eliminate many unnecessary and unhelpful studies. Nowadays most guidelines are based on existing research of many different trials. Why not use this gathering of professional organizations to come up with questions for future trials, studies design required and publishing it – calling all relevant medical centers to step up and participate in the research?

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