The SGEM: Batman Effect Podcast

Hello once again,

Just back from leave and straight into NIGHT SHIFT! Such is life.  This is a quick Editorial to let you know what is happening in the Broomedocs backroom.

I have been very busy behind the scenes working on a few fun and entertaining projects.   Recently I have been collaborating a bit with Dr. Ken Milne of the famous Skeptics Guide to Emergency Medicine site.  Ken was nice enough to invite me to podcast with him on his podcast, it was a real honor and a lot of fun.

We talked about the BATMAN EFFECT paper – which was the subject of an article I reviewed with Justin on the podcast a few months ago.  Ken is mildly obsessed with Batman and as such, we needed to deep dive into the article and talk nerdy about all things superhero!

You can hear the podcast over at the SGEM here.

In other news… there will be a world exclusive Music Video release on the SGEM on the 16th of May.  This is a collaboration between Ken, myself and SAs hippest GP – Dr. Gerry Considine.  Keep an ear out for that one!

A bit of Admin here:

The long-awaited Crisis Resource Management book is close to entering publication.  Scott Weingart, David Borschoff and the team have been busy trying to perfect the final product.  This is a huge effort; dozens of authors from all over the world have each distilled their expertise into a single page of simple, life-saving awesomeness.  I have seen the draft and it looks amazing.  This will soon be one of those resources every ED in the world will have on the shelf – watch this space.

On the topic of books – I have 2 other chapters [in different books] in the editorial phase which I hope will be coming out in upcoming months.  A big thank you to Dr. Leanne Hartnett and Dr. Matt Fitzpatrick who have tirelessly reviewed and corrected these in the last few months.

If you are a Rural GP Anaesthetist then I strongly urge you to join the Rural Anaesthesia Down Under (RADU) Facebook forum.  This is a closed group where we discuss all the science, subtlety and shenanigans of being a bush Gas doc.  If you are not on Facebook – it is worth the ticket of admission [hint: $0.00].  If you are interested then please search it out, or just send me an email, comment or tweet and I will get you hooked up with the growing hive-mind (now well over 300 GPAs ).

I am hoping to do another episode of the RADU podcast in coming weeks – so please send me any articles you want to us to discuss, dissect or debunk.

Only about 3 weeks until the inaugural GPs Down Under Conference on the Gold Coast. I will be there and hope to meet as many of you as I can.  I will be traveling with full podcast kit to catch a few of my heroes on the mic.  If you would like to share a story or some wisdom…  get in touch.

OK, that is it.

Back with more clinical stuff next week with another episode of the First10EM Journal Club with Justin.

Bye.  C

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