First 10EM Journal Club: January 2018

It is a New Year but the same old Journal club with Dr Justin Morgenstern.

This month we are tackling a few papers on the futility PEs ( pulmonary emboli and pelvic examinations), the worst APO paper ever and the reason you should wear a cape to work.  If that sounds like your sort of thing then tune in and have a listen as we dissect the data.

You can read along with the original papers in full PDF below.  As always – we value your feedback and comments.

Justin’s written summary is over at First10EM

Here’s the papers in PDF:

Ganshorn H, Sheldon R. Prevalence of pulmonary embolism in patients presenting with syncope. A systematic review and meta-analysis. The American journal of emergency medicine. 2017; PMID: 28947223

Beck KS, et al. Incidental Pulmonary Embolism After Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery: Long-Term Clinical Follow-Up. American journal of roentgenology. 2018; 210(1):52-57. PMID: 29064757

Linden JA, Grimmnitz B, Hagopian L.  Is the Pelvic Examination Still Crucial in Patients Presenting to the Emergency Department With Vaginal Bleeding or Abdominal Pain When an Intrauterine Pregnancy Is Identified on Ultrasonography? A Randomized Controlled Trial. Annals of emergency medicine. 2017; 70(6):825-834. PMID: 28935285

Isoardi K. Review article: the use of pelvic examination within the emergency department in the assessment of early pregnancy bleeding. Emergency medicine Australasia. 2009; 21(6):440-8. PMID: 20002713

Rosenbaum L.  The Less-Is-More Crusade – Are We Overmedicalizing or Oversimplifying? The New England journal of medicine. 2017; 377(24):2392-2397. PMID: 29236644

Lapage MJ, Bradley DJ, Dick M. Verapamil in infants: an exaggerated fear? Pediatric cardiology. 2013; 34(7):1532-4. PMID: 23800976

Cantrell FL, Cantrell P, Wen A, Gerona R. Epinephrine Concentrations in EpiPens After the Expiration Date. Annals of internal medicine. 2017; 166(12):918-919. PMID: 28492859

Matsue Y, Damman K, Voors AA. Time-to-Furosemide Treatment and Mortality in Patients Hospitalized With Acute Heart Failure. Journal of the American College of Cardiology. 2017; 69(25):3042-3051. PMID: 28641794

White RE, Prager EO, Schaefer C, Kross E, Duckworth AL, Carlson SM. The “Batman Effect”: Improving Perseverance in Young Children. Child development. 2017; 88(5):1563-1571. PMID: 27982409

 Here is the audio:


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