Lessons Hard Learned: Dr Resa Lewiss

Welcome back.  A brand new Lesson Hard Learned episode from one of my favourite POCUS pals.

Dr Resa Lewiss is a Colorado-based ED Physician and international teacher of POCUS.  Specifically she has done a lot of work in the developing world to bring the power of POCUS to the coal face of care in some really remote places.  She is also a wonderful advocate for the role of women in medicine.  Check out her SMACCDUB talk for more on that.  She has spoken at TEDMED on the transformative role of US in the ED.

DISCLAIMER: Despite our shared passion for POCUS in the ED, bush or anywhere… there is no mention of ultrasound in this podcast!

This is a horrific case that Resa heard over a sterile drape many years ago.  It is a time capsule of how ‘medicine was then’, and contains some important lessons that we should heed today so that we don’t have to learn them again.

Medicine has changed for the better in the last 30 years.  Often we buck against the endless bureaucracy – however, there is a reason for all that safety, QI and legalise stuff.
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