We’re Jammin’ – We want you to JAMM IT too!

Over the last few week the Aussie Rural FOAM community has been putting our collective heads together and come up with a newish concept.

We are running a competition to try and get you – yes you – to produce some awesome educational material for busy docs anywhere.

It is called: JAMM IT (“Just A Minute” Medical Instant tutorials.)  Not to be confused with the Marley classic, but have a listen as you read the rest of this post!


So – how does it work? Well here is a quick explanation from Dr Tim L – a true FOAMED Master!
CLICK HERE for Tim’s MAtrix, Rocky Horror cross-over promo for the JAMM IT competition
You pick your pet topic, procedure or concept in medicine.  Make it something bite-sized, a morsel of knowledge that you can share with the masses.

Then you produce a punchy 60 second video to be used as an instant tutorial.  REMEMBER – it is all about the content, it is not about super sexy graphics or slick transitions.

The audience are rural doctors – Docs who have done all the training, but are occasional practitioners due to their geography.  These JAMM IT videos are intended to act as short, sharp aide memoirs, rapid fire reminders to be used at the bedside and allow Docs to recall all the stuff they thought they had forgotten about your topic.

So here are the rules of JAMM IT:

  1. Entry submissions start on 1st September and close on 1st October and need to be emailed to:   jammit13@gmail.com
  2. All entries must be submitted as digital video files of maximum duration 60 seconds
  3. All submitted entries will be subject to judging and if chosen to be added to the JAMM online library will be freely accessible and available for download ( the creator makes the material available openly under the Creative Commons Attribution License)
  4. Any medical images/material included in the entry video must not breach patient confidentiality laws of any country
  5. The entries must provide content relevant to emergency medicine and/or resuscitation of the critically ill/injured patient. Relevance to rural and remote health care will be judged at a higher value.
  6. Competition judging and award:
    All entries will be judged by a panel of rural and remote health providers who work in a remote setting as well as contribute to FOAMEd community through provision of free online clinical educational material in various formats ( blogs, podcasts, presentations at conferences)
    The JAMM 2013 inaugural prize will be AWESOME but yet to be announced!
    The JAMM 2013 winning entry will be showcased at the  Rural  Medicine Australia 2013 conference at Cairns on 31st October during the Social Media concurrent stream.

So get your thinking cap on, get your kids to teach you how to use any video editing app you can and show us how much practical “know-how” there is out there.

OK, no more reading – get to it!


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