Clinical Case 100: Back to the Future

Whooo hooo! Here we go – Broome Docs is bringing up the century of Clinical Cases.

I thought that for the big 100 we would go back to the beginning – back to Case 001.  It was the first post on the blog – it was a multi trauma case – a lady hit by a 4WD with lots of injuries.

So we are heading back to the future – and I am taking a mate along for the road – none other than the KI Doc – Tim Leeuwenburg (@Kangaroobeach).



team leader

Tim is a man obsessed with remote trauma, prehospital and all the kit that goes long with it.  He is a deep thinker, a true pioneer of excellence in Rural critical care…  So I thought I would make it tougher for him.

Instead of one critically injured patient – I am going to throw 3 at him…

  1. The original Case 0001 victim – she has been clipped by a 4WD doing about 70 kph.  She has extensive (R) sided injuries – femur, pelvis, blunt abdo
  2. The driver of the 4WD swerved to avoid her and rolled his vehicle – he has been ejected from the vehicle (no seatbelt) and has a large open head injury – brain on view.
  3. The child (also unrestrained) of the driver, he has a near complete amputation of the lower leg but is alert and trapped in the vehicle.

Oh, and in true country style – time is not our friend.  It is now more than an hour since the collision – bleeding has happened and our patients are not in a good way.  And we are in the middle of nowhere, a long way from help.

Tim joined me for a chat about the practicalities, the strategy and the bigger picture.  We cover quite a bit of the stuff we have both learned over the past few years from our FOAMies.  So sit back, grab a brew and enjoy.

DIRECT DOWNLOAD the podcast.

Pelvic binder images from Tim – yep, best to leave them on if in any doubt. Avoid rehandling and trouble!

NicePelvic Binder ON
AhhhhhPelvic Binder OFF
Pheww!Whoops, binder BACK ON

Thanks for reading, listening and commenting – looking forward to the next 100!



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