First10EM Journal Club: May 2018

Gday – welcome back! It is podcast time..

It is May and that means another episode of the journal club with Dr. Justin Morgenstern.

This month we cover biases, show our biases about bronchiolitis therapy, cute scrotums, judging and dealing with capacity and how butt-slapping might help you delouse your colleagues….

[DISCLAIMER: we do not recommend that extradural hemorrhage ever be treated with an Ezy-IO drill, it is silly and dangerous.]

If any of that sounds like your deal then have a listen.  If you are super patient and listen all the way through there is a real treat for you….

… a world premiere musical parody song by Dr. Gerry Considine and yours truly. ( we are kinda like Elton & Bernie)

Below is the list of papers that we dissect and discuss on the pod.


Davis DP, Hwang JQ, Dunford JV.    Rate of decline in oxygen saturation at various pulse oximetry values with prehospital rapid sequence intubation. Prehospital emergency care. 2008; 12(1):46-51. PMID: 18189177

Kodama D, Yanagawa B, Chung J, Fryatt K, Ackery AD. “Is there a doctor on board?”: Practical recommendations for managing in-flight medical emergencies. CMAJ. 2018; 190(8):E217-E222

Franklin D, Babl FE, Schlapbach LJ, et al. A Randomized Trial of High-Flow Oxygen Therapy in Infants with Bronchiolitis. The New England journal of medicine. 2018; 378(12):1121-1131. PMID: 29562151

Lee SH, Yun SJ, Kim DH, Jo HH, Ryu S. Do we need a change in ED diagnostic strategy for adult acute epiglottitis? The American journal of emergency medicine. 2017; 35(10):1519-1524. PMID: 28460811

Marco CA, Brenner JM, Kraus CK, McGrath NA, Derse AR, .  Refusal of Emergency Medical Treatment: Case Studies and Ethical Foundations. Annals of emergency medicine. 2017; 70(5):696-703. PMID: 28559033

Goldfrank LR, Wittman I. Capacity? Informed Consent; Informed Discharge? Uncertainty! Annals of emergency medicine. 2017; 70(5):704-706. PMID: 28662910

Bulstrode H, Kabwama S, Durnford A, Hempenstall J, Chakraborty A. Temporising extradural hematoma by craniostomy using an intraosseous needle. Injury. 2017; 48(5):1098-1100. PMID: 28238447

Frohlich LC, Paydar-Darian N, Cilento BG, Lee LK. Prospective Validation of Clinical Score for Males Presenting With an Acute Scrotum. Academic emergency medicine. 2017; 24(12):1474-1482. PMID: 28833896

Oliver G, Oliver G, Body R. BET 2: Poor evidence on whether teaching cognitive debiasing, or cognitive forcing strategies, lead to a reduction in errors attributable to cognition in emergency medicine students or doctors. Emergency medicine journal :   EMJ. 2017; 34(8):553-554. PMID: 28724568

Kraus MW, Huang C, Keltner D. Tactile communication, cooperation, and performance: an ethological study of the NBA. Emotion. 2010; 10(5):745-9. PMID: 21038960

HERE it is… The VIDEO version of the “Shout for PERC” song.  Performed by Dr Gerry Considine, lyrics by Ken Milne and myself … Casey

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