Crashing GA Caesarean

In this episode I have enlisted Dr Roger Browning (Obstetric Anaesthetist) to discuss the finer points of giving a safe anaesthetic in the scariest scenario in my practice – the crashing GA Caesarean section.

There are many ways to skin a cat and many ways to give a GA for a C-section. Roger takes me through a case and how he approaches this complex and urgent situation.

If you have questions or comments then please let me know in the comments below and I will ask roger to answer them – he is much smarter!

You can hear more about all things to do with perioperative and critical care for Women in his excellent podcast ObsGynae Critical Care




  1. Thomas Coombs says

    Is there a good reason why ketamine is not the drug of choice for induction and maintenance of anaesthesia in GA caesars? Particularly in rural locations where the surgeon is a generalist and often has a longer induction to delivery times than a specialist obstetrician it would decrease the degree of depressed respiration one would hypothesise?

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