SMACC is here

So it has been a few months since the SMACC GOLD conference on the Gold Coast – there has been a period of excitement – the build up to this moment…..

The SMACC media is out – yes!  You can experience the SMACC GOLD awesomeness right at home in your cozy armchair.

Roger, Oli, Chris, Matt and all the other organisers have created a unique opportunity for doctors, nurses, paramedics and other clinicians all over the globe.  This is cutting edge, A-grade, entertaining medical education.  It is free, fun and high quality.  So – don’t sit there and watch Grey’s Anatomy – download a batch of these awesome talks and get your SMACC on!

You can access the videos via the VIMEO channel HERE

Or if you prefer to listen as you run, drive, walk, shovel snow or laze on a Broome beach – you can get the audio podcast version via iTunes HERE

Now I could be the world’s laziest blogger and just upload a copy of each of these as they are released into the ether.  But you are smart readers – you can get them for free right on your phone, laptop or TV.

So I think I will instead just let you know when a dud talk turns up…. [HINT: there are none!  Just watch them all!]

Jokes aside – I will from time to time highlight a few of the talks that I think were either:

  1. Really awesome
  2. Relevant to rural doctors
  3. Funny
  4. Practice changing.

Here – I have embedded a few for a quick taste-test in case you are still not convinced.

The man! Scott Weingart: on cutting-edge intra-arrest care.  I love Scott’s talks, he is a big thinker.  My favourite line was along the lines of:  “We Resus docs shouldn’t be providing the same arrest care as a dermatologist!  That is ‘bothersome’…”

Scott Weingart Cutting Edge Intra-Arrest Care from Social Media and Critical Care on Vimeo.


I was actually running the Education session in the next room when the CRICOID PRESSURE debate between Brent May and John Hinds went down.  So I was bummed to miss it, and struggled to be heard over the heckles and laughter coming from the auditorium!  Like you – I was able to see it for free via the SMACC machine – and it was hilarious!  Never has such a controversial topic been dissected in such an edu-tainable style.

If you liked my recent piss take: the DOG(MA) Collar – then you will love Hind’s Cricolol.  Check it out:

Hinds vs May Debate – Cricoid- To Press, or Not to Press- from Social Media and Critical Care on Vimeo.

There will be a constant feed of media out of the SMACC headquarters over the next few months – so keep your ears out – subscribe to the podcast and follow along.

And if you like what you hear then book some leave, a few airfares and make your way to Chicago in just under 12 months for the next instalment of the SMACC juggernaut!


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