Lessons Hard Learned: Dr Penny Wilson

Over the last year or so I have received quite a bit of mail / feedback asking about the “Lessons Hard Learned” series that I ran a while back on the podcast.  It was a project I really enjoyed doing, it allowed me to interrogate the minds of some super smart folk out there.

So, after a bit of head-scratching I have decided to give it another crack.  I am inviting a pile of FOAM friends back to the mic in order to learn the tough lessons that Medicine teaches us in life.   [BTW if you have a story or “lesson” you would like to share, and teach us all – just drop me a line on the email / contact box.]

So to kick off the new series of “lessons” I am very happy to invite Dr Penny Wilson – my friend and colleague from right here in Broome to share a story from her early days as a junior doctor.  There are some great lessons here for both JMOs and their senior supervisors alike.  Luckily, the structure of supervision in Australia has improve a lot in the last 10 years.  I think we have learned a few of these lessons the hard way.  However, I know that there are a few countries out there with systems that may still be learning these.  So have a listen.  DIRECT DOWNLOAD HERE

If you are interested in learning some Obs and Gynae pearls in podcast form – then check out Penny’s excellent podcast:  Bits & Bumps here.



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