Vitamin D with Dr Robin Park

This is a cross post from the FOAM4GP website.

The new blog / podcast is aimed at trainees and practicing primary care docs, GPs, students and anyone with an interest in preventative care and evidence based medicine.

Dr Robin Park has been producing a series of really cool, concise and entertaining dives into the evidence base around some of the really common parts of primary care.  EBM can be a bit dry – especially around preventative care, however Robin has a really nice style of engaging writing and quirky insight that makes it all seem fun!

So last week we teamed up to do a podcast and discuss Vitamin D – is it the new wonder substance that can prevent cancer, fractures, mental illness…  or is it all a storm in a D cup?

So if you want to read about the weird and messy world of vitamin D research, then hear a discussion involving Dr Robin, myself and 2 of my trainees whom I co-opted into an impromptu tutorial over the ether – then check out the podcast and page links below.

The written evidence Map from Robin is here: The Devil is in the vitamin D-tails


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