Up for some SMACC craic?

Hello team,

Big week in critical care world with a whole bunch of new papers, research and great discussion taking place over the Twitter-sphere and on the blogs.

Of course, the major highlight of the week was the Aussie annihilation of the English rugby team and their eviction from their own home World Cup.  The Ashes are looking better already!

But the thing that got me most excited this week was the release of the new SMACC website and announcements of the line up, ticket releases and workshops.  The tech-angels in the SMACC machine have also started rolling out the first of the talks from SMACC CHICAGO – and you can access these on the website or through the App they have created. There is even a Youtube channel if you like the video versions.  And remember all the talks from the last few SMACCs are also there for free-honey-covered Edutainment.

The 4th SMACC will take place in Dublin, Ireland from 13 – 16th June 2016.  And I will be there (as always!).

The conference attendance is capped at 2000 people – and there is a huge international interest in snapping up all those tickets.  So if you are keen to get there, book you leave now, plan contraception and be aware of the registration process…

Registration will open on Wednesday, 28 October at 0900 Sydney EST (World clock release). This is open to the general public.
This will be the first of three ticket releases. Each release will have a limited amount of tickets available. These tickets will be split between full registrations (specialists) and discounted registrations (residents/nurses etc.). The release schedule is as follows:
First release: Wednesday, 28 October
Second release: Wednesday, 2 December
Third and final release: Wednesday, 3 February
We encourage you all to register as soon as possible but if you must wait until your rostered leave has been confirmed then you can chance your hand on Wednesday, 3 February.
All prior delegates will receive email reminder the week before sales open, but there is no other preference (first in best chance basis).
Due to registrations being limited there will be no one day only registrations available
Workshop registration also opens on Wednesday, 28 October. These are allocated on a first come first served basis only.
If you miss out on registration there will be a waiting list.
If you miss your preferred workshop there will also be a waiting list.

Now the day to remember: in 21 days the first tickets go up for grabs.  There may be a crush at the virtual ticket office, so put in your cyber elbow-pads and get ready.

So go on, don’t think too long… get that leave form in and get ready to join the community that learns the fun way.

See ya there, Casey.

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