Dr Le Cong – the Medical Blogshere’s most promiscuous lecturer

Dr Minh Le Cong (RFDS) is possibly the most promiscuous blogshere lecturer out there – he pops up on all the best sites!

After playing the field at Emcrit and LITFL, he is back on Broome Docs this week covering our favourite topic – Psych sedation and retrieval.  This is his presentation to the Australian Aeromedical Society at Burswood in Perth, Western Australia last week.

Minh has sent me the link for the download as it is a big file – too big for this little blog.  So if you need a dose of Minh / ketamine check out his lecture at:


It takes a bit to download, but is well worth it.  Then if you haven’t read my recent case on the topic – check it out @ Livin’ the Ketamine dream.  Minh tells me it is the first ketamine-based transfer of psychosis in WA, and might be the shape of the future if you follow Minh’s data from Queensland.




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