First10EM Journal Club: September 2017

Welcome back to another installation of my favourite FOAMed collaboration with Canada’s brightest – the one and only Dr Justin Morgenstern.

This month we will be discussing 9 papers and a few random clinical, curly cases.  As always the full text PDFs of the articles we will be discussing are linked below.  You can also read Justin’s full written analysis of the papers over at Articles of the Month on the Fist10EM blog.

Justin and I would appreciate your feedback on the podcast if you can spare 3 seconds.  We often wonder if we are saying too much, too little or not.  I am also interested in how many folk actually read the articles as part of the Journal club.  Please let us know how you feel about the podcast:

Here is the podcast:

Here are the papers:

Driver BE et al. Flush Rate Oxygen for Emergency Airway Preoxygenation. Annals of emergency medicine. 2017; 69(1):1-6.

Acquisto NM, Bodkin RP, Johnstone C. Medication errors with push dose pressors in the emergency department and intensive care units. The American journal of emergency medicine. 2017

Torres J, Avalos N, Echols L, Mongelluzzo J, Rodriguez RM. Low yield of blood and wound cultures in patients with skin and soft-tissue infections. The American journal of emergency medicine. 2017; 35(8):1159-1161.

Chiang E, Bee C, Harris GJ, Wells TS. Does delayed repair of eyelid lacerations compromise outcome? The American journal of emergency medicine. 2017.

Millin MG, Comer AC, Nable JV. Patients without ST elevation after return of spontaneous circulation may benefit from emergent percutaneous intervention: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Resuscitation. 2016; 108:54-60.

Lauria MJ, Gallo IA, Rush S, Brooks J, Spiegel R, Weingart SD. Psychological Skills to Improve Emergency Care Providers’ Performance Under Stress. Annals of emergency medicine. 2017.

Steele DW, Adam GP, Di M, Halladay CH, Balk EM, Trikalinos TA. Effectiveness of Tympanostomy Tubes for Otitis Media: A Meta-analysis. Pediatrics. 2017; 139(6).

Roberts JR, Dollard D. Alcohol levels do not accurately predict physical or mental impairment in ethanol-tolerant subjects: relevance to emergency medicine and dram shop laws. Journal of medical toxicology. 2010; 6(4):438-42.

Ramirez R, Stalcup P, Croft B, Darracq MA. Haloperidol undermining gastroparesis symptoms (HUGS) in the emergency department. The American journal of emergency medicine. 2017; 35(8):1118-1120.


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