A Tox Treat: Tox 101 with Drs Bryan Hayes and David McCoubrie

Hello and welcome back for another podcast.

This week I was lucky enough to do a double interview with 2 super-smart Tox gurus.  We discuss a basic approach to a common tox scenario – the poly-substance OD with a range of medications.  The ins and outs of paracetamol [acetominophen], decontamination, mixed fox, alcohol in the ED and fundamentals of supportive care.

Dr Bryan Hayes @PharmERToxGuy is a regular at Academic Life in EM and recently appeared on the Emcrit podcast. Bryan was last on the podcast a few months ago and we got a lot of great feedback and discussion started – so I wasreally happy to have him back at Broome Docs all the way from Baltimore in the USA.

Dr David McCoubrie is an Emergency Physician and Clinical Toxicologist here in WA.  David recently spoke at the ACEM Winter Symposium in Broome on the newer synthetic illicit drugs in Australia – great talk.  It was a great opportunity to be able to get these two guys on the line and hear them bounce ideas around – some really useful clinical and logistical pearls for you all.

So here we go – it is about 40 minutes. We discuss a case which involves specific decision points and then I ask what their top 3 clinical tips are for the occasional Toxicologist.  Gold!

Enjoy,  Casey

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