Papers I Want to Read ( #PIWTR)


I am introducing a new concept for the blog.  Here is how it goes.

I love reading the R&R In the Fast Lane – and contributing interesting papers when I see them.  But…..

When I do my research for the various topics we cover here at Broome Docs – I am often left searching for the ideal paper – the trail that would neatly answer the questions that we have in our day – to day practice.

Sometimes I even find myself staring longingly at a fresh PubMed search page, fantasising that somebody has published the “exact” paper I want to read in some archaic, obscure journal – and it had just passed us all by!

So here is what I will propose: “Papers I Want to Read”

I want to hear from you all – what questions do you want to have answered by a quality RCT or other trial?

Breaking it down:

(1) what is your question?

(2) How did you identify a “gap” in the literature – practice, reading, curiosity?

(3) What sort of trial, paper or design would answer that question?

(4) Nominate who you think should do it – maybe we can get in touch with them via the FOAM network and inspire some researcher to answer that question.

At worst it should be a fun exercise, at best we just might identify some gaps that we can plug.  Or maybe there are some folk out there who know the answer to your quandary and will let us know!


So, I know you are shy – I will go first.

I really want to see if dexamethasone on its own will give adequate symptom relief to kids with acute pharyngitis.

I have read a lot on this in recent weeks and found good data – but it is all tainted by combining ABs with Dex – so hard to define the effect.

It would be an ED or primary care RCT with 2 or 3 arms – dexamethasone, vs placebo +/- vs. usual care or ABs.  Primary endpoint has to patient-oriented eg. pain relief and satisfaction. [maybe parental sleep index??]

I would imagine that the group in the UK who are doing all the recent research into Strept throats in GP care – eg. PRISM trial etc would be a great crew to get this done.  After all the NHS has an enviable data set and organisation for collecting this stuff.


Now – over to you.  I will keep proposing trials from time to time as I find gaps, annoying questions in my practice that I cannot answer.

You can email me, comment or Tweet a question using the hashtag #PIWTR

I have added a permanent page to the top menu to allow thee ideas, gaps and research questions to be kept all in one place.

Bring it on



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