Dr Geordan Shannon – the Pap smear podcast

May is still Women’s health month – so I invited my mate Dr Geordan Shannon back onto the podcast in order to get a refresher on cervical cancer screening – yes, the dreaded Pap smear.

Geordan is a passionate advocate and researcher for Women’s health, sexual health and especially Aboriginal health issues related to reproduction and inequity in health outcomes.  Cervical cancer is a disease that highlights the huge gap between white and Aboriginal Australia.  We had a chat about why this might be still happening and then Geordan schools me in the basics of Pap-smearology.  What is new, how do we decide what to do with the results.

Sorry if this seems a bit basic – but I am [as previously stated ] a really inadequate gynaecology practitioner, so for me this was helpful!

Enjoy the podcast.  DIRECT DOWNLOAD  or listen in your browser below.  PLease go onto iTunes and subscribe.  Even give us a review if you are enjoying the podcasts [or not!]

Here is a link to the study from Fairbairn et al in EMA 2010 looking at risk factors for STI that we discuss in the podcast


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