Dr Tim’s other cookbook

Dr Tim Leeuwenberg, from sunny Kangaroo Island, South Australia – author of the KI Docs blog has just finished his year in Anaesthesia training and has created a great resource for all to share.

Tim has spent many long hours collating a series of checklists, emergency reference cards and resources to cover pretty much anything that can go wrong in a small hospital ED or theatre.  And being the generous guy that he is – it is all free as a gift to you from Dr Tim, via Broome Docs – nice!

This is such a great resource I have decided to put it up in the permanent “Clinical Resources” section at the bottom end of the site.  Or you can be lazy and just click this link!

I am sure Tim is keen to get your feedback and I know he is gearing up to run a survey looking at the management of Airways in small hospitals – he is truly a man on a misison.  So hit us with your comments on this site – or direct to Tim via KI Docs.

Oh, in case you were wondering – Tim’s first cookbook was “Roadkill Recipes”  which you can check out at Wrong Side of the Road.

Enjoy and learn from Tim’s hard labour




  1. Jonathan Ramachenderan says

    Tim this is absolutely amazing. Well done! It is well crafted and thought out and best of all it addresses common issues encountered by GP Anaesthetists.

    Love also that in its current format we can put in our iPads and iPhones. I think that this is the beginning of something that will evolve with our experience.

  2. Joel Earley says

    Dr Tim, your last two pages here are breathtaking!

  3. Minh Le Cong says

    Tim, fantastic resource. You bring much honour to the tradition of rural GPs, in particular the ones who do the hard job of providing rural and remote anaesthesia. But there is even great material here for the occasional intubator doctor, with the DAS guidelines, the ARC resus protocols etc.
    keep up the passion, mate! I am sure you will inspire others.

  4. Actually, since collating the info (most of which shamelessly ripped off form Casey, Minh, DAS and ALS), I have had a copy of the ‘Anaesthetic Crisis Manual’ delivered to me – a great little book, colour-tabbed for quick reference in an emergency, written by a proper FANZCA and private pilot from WA.

    Well worth a look.

  5. Minh Le Cong says

    Tim, this article provides interesting background to the development of the algorithims and manual

  6. Yeah, I have struggled with the COVERABC thing – hence the move to my own PDf version/collation of resources for iPad

    The anaesthetic crisis manual I’ve been looking at (ref above) is Borshoff’s. It’s quite good.

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