Lessons Hard Learned: Dr Andy Buck

Today’s “Lesson” is all about knowing one’s limitations, scope of practice and appreciating the little voice inside one’s noggin.

Dr Andy Buck is an ED Physician who works all over Australia, but is based in Melbourne where he runs the very excellent Emergency Trauma Management course.

This is a case of procedural sedation which goes a little awry.  It is a nice counterpoint to all of the stuff we hear about safety, “fasting status” and the classic – “easy intubation, rocky extubation” scenario.

Please pop over to the ETM course page and read the blog – this is the sort of course you should do early in your development if you are a serious trauma doctor.  [Disclaimer:  I did write a small part of the course on rural trauma management and waffled about ultrasound a bit!]

Enjoy the podcast!



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