Lessons Hard Learned with Ryan Wallman

Today’s episode of Lessons Hard Learned is a bit different.

My guest is my former Med School classmate, former doctor and now successful marketing copywriter (Dr) Ryan Wallman.  Sounds intriguing eh?

Ryan has generously shared his story – it is about the decision to get out of Medicine as a career.

It is not something that many of us ever consider for more than a nanosecond after a rough shift or maybe after coming back from a nice holiday somewhere warm.

I think this is a really valuable discussion – we are always hearing about doctors in distress, colleagues who are dissatisfied with their career and the system they find themselves within.  Maybe leaving medicine is an extreme option, but changing your job, shifts or even your specialty might be one way to ensure you enjoy your job into the future.  Sound a bit too hard, a bit risky?  Listen to what Ryan has to say:


[Ed: Apologies for the editing – we had a pile of technical problems with the audio – so this is the best parts of a longer discussion.]

Would love to hear your comments and experience with the darker days in your career when you have contemplated chuckin in the towel.



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