Infertility: GP management with Dr Penny Wilson

Infertility (or sub fertility – to be PC) is a common problem for which women (and men / couples) presen tto GPs.  It can be a really tricky area trying to work out the how, why and what.  I think we tend to do a lot of tests where often a careful history and rational approach to the patient and their partner can be really useful.

I enlisted Dr Penny Wilson once again to chat (teach me) all about infertility in the GP office.  DIRECT DOWNLOAD here



  1. Of course the purge thing I forgot to mention is that stress an anxiety is a sure fire way to knock off the fertility too. How often do you see couples getting super stressed out about not being able to fall pregnant only to take a break from trying and… Voila! Telling a trying to conceive couple to “relaaaaax” is easier said than done but is also an important part of the counselling process.

    • Ah – yes. The true nature of GP – it is not all about hard facts, tests and the medicine. The great GP understands the impact health has on a patient, family and couple – they are all intrinsically interwoven in a wonderful web of wellness – or not.
      We cannot fix one without the other – especially with a problem as inherently personal as fertility. it doesn’t get more personal, it is a potential relationship breaker – we need to be really careful when stepping into the bedrooms of our patients.
      The fertility, stress, relationship-strain then sexual dysfunction cycle is a difficult one
      Thanks for that Penny

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