Lessons Hard Learned: Irish Lessons in Cairns

THis is the latest instalment in the “Lessons Hard Learned” series.

Recently I caught up with the SMACC crew at the Bedside critical Care conference in Cairns – FNQ.  I took the opportunity to trap a couple of unsuspecting Irishmen into an impromptu podcast by the poolside.

Awesome conference and great vibe – mini-SMACC really.    So this is a very casual chat with Drs Matthew MacPartlin @rollcagemedic (half of the I_C_N) and Doug Lynch @TheTopEnd (shows up on pretty much any blog).

The main theme is about the use of language in critical conversations – being accurate, honest and avoiding ambiguity in your semantics when dealing with high-stakes scenarios.


Oh and since we are talking about semantics with a couple of Irishmen – I could not resist the link to the  “Irish Medical Lexicon”




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