Lessons Hard Learned: Ultrasound Lessons with Dr Matt Dawson

Alrighty then – we are back with another “lessons hard learned” episode.

Have been crazy busy this week getting ready for ACEM’s Winter symposium here in Broome.  Will be great to have all those folk up here and learning in our backyard.  Highlight will be meeting Dr David Newman of SMART EM fame.

This episode is all about lessons learned whilst we learn how to handle the US probe in the ED.  Some of it is specific to US practice – but a lot is just good common sense stuff around how to manage your brain in critical situations.

Dr Matt Dawson needs no introduction – he is the brains behind the Ultrasound Podcast, and also a really humble guy.  Not only is he on the cutting edge of US and Education in the US – he lets out a secret….  he and Mike are in rehearsal for “Ultrasound Podcast – the Musical”.  It is a full drag Broadway show – man you ought see how high those boys can kick their can cans.  Is there nothing they cannot do?

So go and check out the Introduction to Bedside Ultrasound: Volume 2 on iTunes – see what they can do.

Now onto the podcast.         DIRECT DOWNLOAD in a new window.

Now as a special treat, for Broome Docs readers / listeners only I have a free copy of the iBook, Bedside US Vol. 2 to give away – now that truly is FOAMed.

So, if you think you would like a copy, own an iPad [or need an excuse to buy one] I am going to give it to the first commentor on this post who can answer the following question:

…. it s a tough one….  What date is SMACC 2, SMACC Gold – the second social media in Critical care conference kicking off on the Gold Coast – Queensland?

Matt will be there with his probe in hand fuelling the SonoWars along with a stellar line up of great Crit Care speakers from all over the world.

Hit me on the guest comments below – first correct answer wins a copy of the book….  Dont dawdle.



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