CREDENCE Trial PODCAST: Can-I-get-a-flozin?

The CREDENCE trial was published in the NEJM last month and it has made some waves in the world of diabetes management. The headlines state that this SGLT2 drug can reduce the progression of diabetic nephropathy. That is big news indeed.

So, what do I think about this new data for a drug that had fallen out of favour in Australia? Have a listen and make your own conclusions.

Importantly you should read both the CREDENCE trial as well as the CANVAS and CANVAS-R trial before making any practice changes – there is a lot of data to sift through.

If you like data in a really easily digestible form – then check out the excellent My Studies website run by Dr James McCormack @medmyths and friends.

Bottom lines:

  1. Canagliflozin did reduce the risk of renal failure progression in type-2 diabetics with existing nephropathy.
  2. The harms of canagliflozin remain uncertain. Watch this space and those toes…
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