Broome Docs Vodcast 009: Airway 101 with Drs Tim Leeuwenberg and Jamie Doube

I recently caught up with my S.A. mate Dr Tim Leeuwenberg ( who is the Prof. of all things airway in the GP realm.  Tim has recently published an audit of Aussie rural GPs and their access to airway gear, knowledge and practice when it come to emergency airway management.

Tim is a really clear thinker on topics such as situational awareness, disaster / crisis management and team strategies.  Tim has developed some really cool visual aides and checklists for use in emergency scenarios – they can be found in the resources section or you can go to his site to see them. [They are all iPad compatible and very easy to use.] Tim is currently uploading a series of detailed instructional videos on this topic to KI Docs – part 1 on “Airway planning” is already up on Vimeo.

Anyway, I was happy to find Tim had brought along a very special guest to record this Podcast – Dr Jamie Doube.  Jamie is one of those super-generalists in every sense of the word.  He is one of a handful of Aussie GP-surgeon/anaesthetists who dabbles in Obstetrics.  He is also a veteran of many winters on Antarctica where he has worked as a biologist, doctor and whatever else needs doing.  He was awarded the 2012 Antarctic medal by the Governor General for his services to the Australian Antarctic Division. You can see his “office” on Macquarie Island if you play the video on the bottom of the linked page.

We had a long chat about all sorts of topics – and I have broken it into a few parts.

Part 1 is a simple, robust and “bush-doc- friendly” approach to the airway in an emergency scenario.  It is based upon Tim’s simple algorithm which is HERE.

This is the first video post I have done, it is a bit large as a single file so I have uploaded it to the GMEP website and it can be accessed over on GMEP


Enjoy, Casey



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