First10EM Journal Club: January 2023

We are back with another episode of the BroomeDocs and First10EM podcast. In this episode we try to answer some of the big questions in Emergency Medicine, we also answer a few that you probably would never have thought to ask! Like…

  • How much electricity should we use in refractory VF?
  • Should we suck clots out of legs?
  • Should you put Tegaderm on eyeballs?
  • Is the HEART score valid? Are any clinical decision tools really what we think?
  • What happens if you discharge patients with low troponin rise?
  • Should you evert the edges of the wounds?
  • Can we send kids home with abnormal vital signs?
  • Does kissing minor toddler boo-boos help?
  • Do men with smaller penises drive fast cars?

So please, sit back relax, have a quiet drink and enjoy some of the nerdiest medical podcasting out there.


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You can read the full critical appraisal here.

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