No Xray, No Problem: the evidence

So in case you missed #SMACC in Chicago – I was lucky enough to be able to talk about one of my greatest passions – bedside Ultrasound.

The talk was a bit of the evangelical side – the goal being to try and make the audience think about how we image patients. I wanted to show how I use US to be faster, better, more effective and safer in delivering care.  I deliberately tried to avoid a long-winded evidence  discussion.  After all – it is SMACC, entertainment is important too!

You can pop over to the Intensive Care Network or to the SMACC website to check out the audio and slides from the talk.

So here is the evidence – the references for my talk.  You could also go back and look at this post “Bedside US Evidence Echoes” and the fascinating discussion of ultrasound evidence in the comments thread.

Lets start with the trauma case:

Colle’s fracture diagnosis and reduction:

How to find the axillary brachial plexus from Mike Stone on Vimeo.

Paediatric PUO ie. “Pyrexia that’s Ultrasonographically Obvious”

Sepsis Resuscitation

Bowel Obstruction

Neonatal Lung Ultrasound


Happy scanning

& remember ultrasound gel is the lubricant to smooth the patient’s journey through the ED!


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