August 2016: Journal Club with Justin & Casey [JC:JC]

We are back – Dr Justin Morgenstern has returned for the second instalment of the First10EM Journal club.

We fly through as many papers as we can in a podcast to bring you some of the info you need… and a bit you probably don’t.

REMEMBER: we are just a couple of guys with too much time on our hands.  You are a clinician. Please, please THINK CRITICALLY.    Read them and judge them for yourself.  Listen HERE:


You can read Justin’s written version of his analysis over at the First10EM blog if you are not really an audio person.

Here are the PDFs of the papers discussed this month:

OK Download the podcast and have a listen.  Let us know your thoughts and anywhere that you have a divergent perspective.  We love to learn.


Casey & Justin

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