Benzos, back pain, Descartes and depression

This week I got involved in an online debate that started at LITFL’s Socrates and Sophistry section, then spilled over into the less-civilized Twittersphere.  Dr Minh le Cong @rfdsdoc (PHARM podcast) and I got into a bit of a debate about the role of benzodiazepines in acute back pain management.  I took the no, not ever side. Minh took the pro-benzos, sometimes if it helps position.  140 character-limited blows were traded

I threw down the gauntlet and challenged Minh to a duel on dualism.  I then had to return to reality and cook dinner for the kids…  so 2 days later we locked horns in battle.  It was over Skype, so any risk of personal injury resulting from Minh’s kung-fu style was minimal.

The debate started politely –  then devolved into a gentlemanly discussion of all things to do with pain, suffering, a 17th century philosophical concept, futuristic neuropsychiatry and the weather.  For the international listeners – be aware – it is completely un-Australian to get particularly excited or passionate about anything other than sport.  So whilst Minh and I seem relaxed – this is truly a clash of fundamental ideas, we just lack any melodramatic performance ability!

If this sounds like your kind of thing – and quite frankly, why would it not be!??!  Check out our ~ 40 minute podcast at Minh’s PHARM podcast.



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