Intubating the Critical Patient

Hi Team,

It has been a slow month on the blog and podcast as I have been working on a few other projects… one of which is very exciting and will hopefully be unleashed in 2016.

Can’t say too much about it but it is a collaboration with one of my favourite ED docs and is going to be something a bit special for my fellow Aussie bush docs.  Anyway – here is a bit of a taste of the sort of thing I have been working on.

Todays’s video is a simulated critical care airways case.  Mr Roger Flower is a 73 yo chap in type 1 respiratory failure who is starting to clap out.  He is going to be transferred 2000 km to the closest ICU via Flying Docs… but first we need to take control of his airway and ventilate him of the trip.

There are many ways to skin a cat and many tools with which to do it.  This is how our team functions in Broome.  Big thanks to my colleagues Drs Dave Hailes, Trent Little, Nick Gilbert and Rachel Cane (CN) for being the guinea pigs in this sim.

I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to offer your insights, preferences etc – only by sharing do we all learn.

On with the show (it’s about 15 minutes)…. DIRECT DOWNLOAD HERE

This version has been compressed to make it easy to download.  If you would like a high-res copy, just let me know.

If you are keen to read / hear more about some of the techniques used – follow these links to the best Med Ed out there:

DSI from Dr Weingart

Apnoea Oxygenation  more from Drs Weingart and Levitan

RAMPing via LITFL critical care compendium

Own the Oxylog an oldie but a goodie!



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