Strept throat: Global Paeds Hangout

After the post on Strept throat, Swabbing and Such last week – I have recorded a longish podcast with a gang of international PAeds FOAM crew: Drs Damian Roland,  Seth Trueger and Melanie Thompson.  They joined me for a chat about all things to do with pharyngitis in kids – the diagnosis, the work up, swabbing, antibiotics, communication with parents, training JMOs and role modelling – we covered it all!

It is an enlightening discussion that takes in some large global practice variation and puts in the context of our local tropical Australian endemic strept disease.

Here is the podcast:

The references are mostly in the previous blog post on the topic from last week

Additional references you might want to check out:

Seigel et al from NEJM 1961 – last Paeds trial that actually had a case of ARF in its cohort I could find.  About 1200 kids with throat infections – 2 got ARF and 1 got APSGN [both in the control group.]

Dr Mel’s SMACC 2013 PK on “Keeping Up with the Jones” – refresh your Jones criteria for rheumatic fever.

Big thanks to the team – @Damian_Roland @MDAware and @dr_mel_t  – hit them with any questions or comments on the post below or tweet it right at them – they are all very friendly !!



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