Dr JRs last week in training before he goes bush.

Dr Jonathon Ramachenderan has just spent a year learning how to be a GP-Anaesthetist.  He has been through a year as a Registrar in a supervised position – and now he is about to jump head on into the world of a country doc / GP proceduralist.  As far as training goes a year in Anaesthesia is about the bare minimum you could do to be competent.

My recollections of this process are anxiety-provoking yet rewarding at the same time.  I remember walking into my ‘new’ operating theatre for the first time and seeing an ancient Boyle’s machine that actually required manual re-plumbing to switch from the bag to the ventilator!  I learned a lot about the inner workings of the machine quickly.

JR has put his thoughts down for you all to read :-

As I walk through my last anaesthetising week (Click)

Best of luck to JR in his first few weeks.  Hope he will have some insights to share with us as he climbs the steep learning curve of solo practice.  I hope to follow him on his journey from city to bush, from rookie to boss and learn a bit on the way.




  1. Good article Jonathan. Flick me an email sometime, we should chat! Your point about verbalising a plan before anaesthesia is important – much better to ensure that surgeon/gasbod/scrub/anaes nurse etc are all on same page, rather than try and coordinate a team in an evolving crisis. Applies in the emergency room as well as theatre…human factors are important, seldom taught and can override technical skills. Good stuff, keep it up.

  2. Jonathon Ramachenderan says

    Hey Tim. Thanks mate. I definitely will. Loving your idea about surveying the GP Anaesthetists out there. By doing so we an build a network and hopefully a body/organisation that will connect us and possibly provide a means to lobby and input into GPA training.

  3. Minh Le Cong says

    great stuff, JR! You must give us regular postings !
    Consider an alternative summary of the learnings of the JCCA year at
    in good humour of course!

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