Are you an Occasional Intubator?

If you are a reader of our comments sectio, you will know about Dr Minh Le Cong – RFDS Doc from Cairns who is one of the most enthusiastic teachers I have come across in the ether.  If you want a sample of his pearls of wisdom – go to my post on Preoxygenation Pearls and check out the comments section.

One of his passions is teaching airway skills to GPs / occasional intubators.  He also loves debunking medical mythology and dogma – and he has taken aim at the classical Rapid Sequence Intubation (RSI) and cricoid pressure.

So if you are an occasional intubator, or just would like to know what all the controversy is about – Minh has allowed us to put up his lecture on the topic.

The Occasional Intubator for Broome Docs blog

Check it out  – let me, and Minh know what you think.  I am sure there are some Anaesthetists out there who have something to say?   Casey


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