Dr Penny: Podcast on Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

The nomadic GP – Dr Penny Wilson – has just finished up a stint in our cozy little hospital here in Broome.

So amid the births & beaching I managed to record this podcast live in person with our favourite Gynae guru.

Penny knows about a thousand times more than I do about polycystic ovarian syndrome – so I took the opportunity to get schooled in the many aspects of this common and challenging problem.

So – here we go.  Have a listen and check out the links to useful resources and references below:


Here is a great patient education resource from the Jean Hailes website

Here is a review article from the Medical Journal of Australia 2011 – lots of good evidence discussion

There is also a recent NICE guideline from the UK (Feb 2013)

There is also a set of evidence-based guidelines from the RACGP which are pretty long but like all of these things – it does have summary points if you are in a rush.

Thanks again to Penny – another sterling job – we will likely be hearing more from Dr Wilson in the near future!


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