Lessons Hard Learned: Dr Tor Ercleve

G’day readers and listeners,

This is a new concept for the Broome Docs blog.

I am really interested in the psychology of Us – how our brains work (or not on occasion).  I really believe that there is a lot we can learn from the lower points of our careers – the times when things go wrong, often through no fault of our own.

So I am planning to do a series of confessional interviews with my colleagues where we discuss these moments and then dissect them – try and get to the bottom of what went wrong, the common errors and how we might change our practice as a result.

The first “Lesson Hard Learned” comes from Dr Tor Ercleve – Emergency Physician, Cartoonist, LITFL contributor and Excel Enthusiast.

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Have a listen – this is really an open mike concept – I want to hear your stories and thoughts on these discussions.  So please send us your comments.

Thanks for listening, Casey 


  1. mark raines says:

    Never seen a mesenteric vein thrombosis so have done some reading. And now I’m not sure that I will ever make the diagnosis on KI. I don’t think bringing in the neighbours moggie to sniff the patients belly is really a substitute for a CAT scan.!

    “Acute MVT is suggested by colicky, severe, mid-abdominal pain that lasts for at least a few hours and which, early on, is out of proportion to the abdominal findings on physical examination. Given the nonspecific presenting symptoms of MVT, a high index of suspicion and willingness to perform diagnostic angiography or laparotomy had been necessary to make the diagnosis of
    MVT in past decades…..CT of the abdomen with adequate portal venous phase contrast is a highly sensitive and specific, readily available test which has emerged as the most reliable modality to
    diagnose MVT”


  1. […] this is tiger territory.  (For a harsh example of this please go back and listen to the first ever Lessons Hard Learned podcast with Dr Tor Ercleve.)  Acute, undiagnosed pain that requires strong analgesia with no clear cause is the opening […]

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