Lessons Hard Learned: Dr Tor Ercleve

G’day readers and listeners,

This is a new concept for the Broome Docs blog.

I am really interested in the psychology of Us – how our brains work (or not on occasion).  I really believe that there is a lot we can learn from the lower points of our careers – the times when things go wrong, often through no fault of our own.

So I am planning to do a series of confessional interviews with my colleagues where we discuss these moments and then dissect them – try and get to the bottom of what went wrong, the common errors and how we might change our practice as a result.

The first “Lesson Hard Learned” comes from Dr Tor Ercleve – Emergency Physician, Cartoonist, LITFL contributor and Excel Enthusiast.

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Have a listen – this is really an open mike concept – I want to hear your stories and thoughts on these discussions.  So please send us your comments.

Thanks for listening, Casey 


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