Lessons Hard Learned: Dr Andy Neill

The latest episode of Lessons Hard Learned features yet another Irish FOAMed man.

Dr Andy Neill is an ED trainee who has been running the Emergency Medicine Ireland blog, vodcast, the awesome “Anatomy for ED” and the “Tasty Morsels series” over the past few years – in fact andy and I started out in the FOAMed world at almost exactly the same time – so I always feel we are kinda like virtual twins of the FOAMed family – clearly fraternal, but of the same mother. [Ms Cadogan?]

Andy is an anatomist and loves neuroanatomy – so the case he discusses with us on this podcast is especially poignant.

It is good to hear that Andy will be speaking at the SMACC GOLD conference in MArch 2014 alongside some neuro / ICU greats – I noticed my old classmate Dr Steve Philpot sharing the couch with Andy – too many nice guys on one stage!


or watch it here:

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