Rural Trauma Podcast: Emergency Trauma Management Course

A quick shout out today to Drs Amit Maini and Andy Buck who are a couple of Melbourne-based ED docs who get out into the far reaches of Australia to work and are now planning to roll out a new trauma course.

The theme of the Emergency Trauma Management course is taking your training further – into the real-world of emergency trauma care.  Beyond the basics, beyond the alphabet courses and into the nitty-gritty of modern trauma practice.

I was lucky enough to meet the guys at the SMACC 13 conference and they popped up to Broome last month to plug the new course at ACEM.

At SMACC we sat down over a coffee and talked about the ins and outs of rural trauma.  They boys have just released the podcast on their new site – CHECK it out HERE – it is about 24 minutes of chat.

Enjoy the podcast.  And if you are keen check out the ETM course – I think it could be a really nice program for the rural doc who has done all the basic EMST / APLS courses etc.

It will be a great insight into tertiary practice and defining the standards of trauma care for which we should be aiming.


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