Paediatric Constipation: with Dr Mel and Liz

OK, not the sexiest topic in the history of Broome Docs – but Paediatric constipation is common.  Maybe you’ve seen the kid with the fresh PR blood – same kid most likely.

This is a nice chat on the history, exam and initial management of children with trouble in the toilet – constipation, straining, diet and psychology all covered in this podcast.

Thanks to Dr Mel Thompson ( @dr_mel_t ) and LIz Bannister for their time and super-keen poo insights.

And I did ask Liz after the show – do you ever use PR suppositories for kids with constiaption?

Answer: NO, not unless it is crowning the perineum.  This can be unpleasant and really painful for kids and make the whole situation even worse.

So if in doubt – never put anything PR in kids!

Enjoy the podcast.  DIRECT  DOWNLOAD

Here is a Bristol stool chart copy of the Bristol Stool Chart for descriptive assistance

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