Ultrasound: Life-saving story challenge

Hi Readers.

I have got a special post for you today.  I have just spent a week doing some tertiary Obstetric Anaesthesia – and man, it can be tough, some really scary scenarios. At one point we had 30 health professionals in an operating theatre to look after one lady and a baby!  For me this was a real eye-opener.  Seeing the good, the bad and the sometimes absurd side of super-specialist care.  After all that stress I think I need a good rest…. so…

I am having a holiday this week – however I don’t want to leave you without a dose of Broome docs for the week.  So I am going to open a competition.  Not a clinical quiz this time.  This time I am after a bit of writing from you – the readers.

As you must be aware – I am an ultrasound tragic.  I have been missing my probes this week and need an infusion of gel-mediated goodness…

So I am offering a free copy of the Inkling version of “Introduction to Bedside Ultrasound –  vol 1“.  Matt and Mike form the ultrasoundpodcast.com have transferred their first volume of this ground-breaking textbook over onto a html platform – which basically means you can read the interactive / video text on any computer – no iPad required.  This is making the learning more universal for all.  It is priced at $30 – but worth a whole lot more.

So how do you win this free online text  – and become an US superstar?

Tell me your best ultrasound story.  I want a brief story – one where you used your bedside US skills to change to outcome for your patient – maybe you clinched a great diagnosis, averted an error or just saved the day with your “Xray vision”.

Here are the rules –

  1. Tell the story in a few hundred words
  2. No identifiers – no names, dates or geographic locations
  3. Reply into the comments box below
  4. Entries close on 8th July 2013
  5. Judgement is by me and a small committee of mates

If you win I will send you a free copy of the text and am offer to record your story on the Broome Docs podcast.

So don’t be shy get writing. Tell us your moment of US glory and follow the entries – we love a good yarn here at the blog.




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